Sexual Contact Can Transmit Zika Virus

A patient in Texas is first ever recorded infected by Zika virus through sexual contact with another person who has also been infected by the virus has been confirmed by the US health officials

According to the post made by DailyMail, Dallas County health officials said that patient’s partner who came after visiting a country where Zika is rampant.

Avoid Sexual Contact

Abstinence will not harm your relationship. Most especially if your partner has just traveled to Zika severed placed. There could be tons of ways on how you could achieve pleasure with any sexual contact.

Back in 2008, the virus was found in a man’s semen in Tahiti and there was a report of a Colorado researcher who apparently spread the virus which was caught overseas to his wife.

While researchers are scrambling to find an antidote to prevent the spread of Zika, people should be extra cautious. If you fear that you may have been exposed to the virus, although not certain about it, should use a condom for six months, according to Professor Luis Cuevas, of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

Symptoms of Zika Virus infection

  • Fever
  • Rash
  • Joint pain
  • Conjunctivitis

Brazil is the only country that is the list of CDC with Zika outbreak, thus has prompted to WHO to warn pregnant women to stay away from the country from this summer Olympic games.

Zika virus
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List of Countries where Zika is widespread or increasing

  1. Barbados
  2. Brazil
  3. Cabo Verde
  4. Colombia
  5. Dominican Republic
  6. Ecuador
  7. El Salvador
  8. French Guiana
  9. Guatemala
  10. Haiti
  11. Martinique
  12. Mexico
  13. Panama
  14. Paraguay
  15. Puerto Rico
  16. The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

According to ECDC, the classification of the above countries is based on the number of reported autochthonous confirmed cases, the number of areas affected in the country and the duration of the circulation.

There’s still yet no vaccine to prevent the infection or specific medication to treat Zika. Avoiding mosquito bites is currently the best way to avoid the virus.

DCHHS 4Ds recommendation to avoid Zika virus

  1. DEET – Use EPA-approved repellents that contain DEET
  2. DRESS – wear light colored, loose and long clothes whenever you’re outdoors
  3. DRAIN – Remove stagnant water surrounding your home
  4. DUSK & DAWN – Mosquitos are most active during these hours, avoid or limit your outdoor activities



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