Where is Jennifer Laude’s case going?

Marine_suspected_in_death_of_transgender_2121480000_8933311_ver1.0_640_480During the preliminary probe on Tuesday, Delos Santos told the Laude family that the fiscals will have to listen to all stories to determine probable cause.

“We have lost the opportunity to get custody. The VFA [Visiting Forces Agreement] is worded in such a way that custody is reckoned from the time of the offense… We now have to pray to God that the Americans will cooperate. We have absolutely no legal basis now to compel [Pemberton] to appear before the preliminary investigation,” Roque had said.

The alleged murder of Filipino transgender woman Jennifer Laude by a US Marine has sparked outrage in the Philippines, with some calling into question the US military’s presence in the country.

Full story at http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/nation/10/21/14/legal-eagles-jennifer-laude-case



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