What is a Kilometer Marker Post

How can you go back to Manila if you were abducted and dumped somewhere along a national highway?

If you are on a deserted highway and you see no transportation vehicle at all, start walking. Look for a kilometer post. Yes, that yellow stone marker on the side of the road.

For example, you see a kilometer post as in the picture, but the road is deserted, no tricycle, no vehicles, no people.

How do you read the marker? KM 340 means you are 340 kilometers away from Luneta, Manila. D2 means the kilometer post is 2 kilometers away from the center of a town which name starts with a letter D.

It could be Daet in Camarines Norte or Damortis in La Union. If you are good in geography, you would guess that it’s Daet because Damortis is less than 300 kilometers from Luneta. Otherwise, you do not know.

But there is something else you can do: Face the road with the kilometer post on your left and start walking. In such orientation, you are walking towards Manila. If you face the road with the kilometer marker on your right, it means you are walking away from Manila.

Walk a kilometer and find the next kilometer marker. If the figure is KM 339 it confirms that you are walking towards Manila. Read the next figures. If it says D3, it means you are walking away from the town center. You now have a choice to go back to reach the center of the town and get transport.

It it says D1, you are lucky because you are walking towards the town center, and you could find help there.

Just in case you’re lost and GPS is unavailable then you could use these kilometer marker post that you could find along the highway across the Philippines to navigate your way back to your origin or going to your destination.


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