Sharpie Art by Bunch of Strangers in a Lifeless Van

imgur user Nabo posted a sing asking strangers to use a sharpie to draw something on his old Volkswagen, it turned out those random people can do magical art and spectacle. Watch how it turned out:

sharpie car art 1

The dull and lifeless van before the sharpie make oversharpie car art 2 sharpie car art 3

The sign asking strangers to help out with the sharpiesharpie car art 4

The sharpie make-oversharpie car art 5 sharpie car art 6 sharpie car art 7 sharpie car art 8 sharpie car art 9 sharpie car art 10 sharpie car art 11 sharpie car art 12 sharpie car art 13



Karl Rivera

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