Open Letter to Folded and Hung Dressing Room Experience

Ladies Be Extra Cautious When Using a Dressing Room

An open letter to Folded & Hung was posted by a Facebook user Jessmarc Lloyd A. Gammad after her experience inside one of F&H dressing room. (see above image)

She also posted a conversation with one apparent victim of what is believed to be a Folded&Hung employee, which happened 4 years ago (see below)


This is an open letter to the Folded&Hung company. Me and my wife had been a regular customer since college and never once did we think that we will be experiencing this with you.

After the peeping tom incident that went viral involving one of your male staff we were hopeful because you contacted us through facebook and called us. We were contacted by someone named Arvie Dizon and WRX Oropesa Recario and they told us that they will help us in investigating this incident. Mr Dizon even offered his time to talk about it but throughtout our conversation he said that the brand should not suffer, at first we were angry about it because first and foremost it was their employee who did something bad. We even had a meeting together with the SM management and the branch manager of F&H Batangas, Miss Charlot Bauson. The deal was that you will provide us the CCTV footage and a statement by the other male staff, Ms Bauson even confirmed that the stock room can see the fitting room through the hole in the ceiling and that she will update us about the investigation. After 3 weeks from the meeting we got nothing, we only received an apology letter from the management and a bouquet and that’s it. We dont know what happened to the investigation or whether or not our claims are true. All we know is that he was fired on grounds of leaving the store unattended.

We just want closure, to know if he did peep or not. But the sad part of all this is that we dont have a clue on whether or not our claims are true because F&H wont talk yo us. Worst they do actions pointing to the fact that the staff did infact do the deed. We even went to their personal store earlier to see if we can talk to Ms. Charlot Bauson personally but she was on her off duty. We asked the staff present to call her but when she was on the line, she refused to talk to us directly. Even going as far as asking the staff to hide in the stock room while talking to her. This left us wondering what they are hiding. Why are they purposefully ignoring us?

To the F&H management, Mr Dizon, Mr Recario, Ms Bauson we hope you dont ignore our messages and do what you must do. Dont do this to your customers because if this is how F&H treats it’s customers, after being abused by your staff Mr Michael Jay Cueto, you just give us an apology letter and not tell us what is right for us to know. If this is how your company treats us regular customers then i believe we have all the right to tell everyone to boycott your brand.

To the SM Management thank you so much, you have been the lone companion to assist us in this incident. Thank you Mam Gemina Buenaflor for advising us and replying to our quiries.

And to you Mr Michael Jay Cueto, i hope you can still look into the eyes of your mother and sister knowing your taking advantage of girls who are unaware of your devilish deed. You were born a man but you act like an animal. You should hope one day i wont cross your path because im taking this personally.

To all of the clothes enthusiasts i hope you guys be careful in fitting rooms because as you can see on my pics this is not an isolated case. There are others who admitted doing this before and i hope appropriate actions must be done to prevent this.

Folded and Hung (F&H) is a modern casual fashion retail brand with more than 50 branches all over the Philippines.

Source:  Facebook



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