New Year Resolutions: How To Stick With It

New Year resolutions is a tradition half of the world makes each and every year. What is the other half doing? The other half gave up on making resolutions. Yet oddly enough, the optimistic half who makes an effort find themselves doing things the same way as the previous year. What does this mean? Does it mean being optimistic and trying to reform and change our ways in a new year are wrong? Probably not. A good approach is to understand why we do not keep our resolutions in the first place.

Here are a few points to help you understand why keeping your new year’s resolution is a tough task. We tend to start things on a high note but as time moves on, the motivation wanes down. An example is a smoker who quits smoking but sooner than later finds himself smoking again.

Another challenge is the art of self-control. Telling yourself to have self-control and actually practicing it are two very different things.  This is because everyone, even the most disciplined succumb to the pleasures or dangerous behaviors our new year’s resolutions sought to make us ‘divorce’.

However, it is possible to stick to our new year’s resolution. First, set realistic targets. You need to visualize your plan way before you set off to actualizing it. You cannot wake up one morning and decide to lose some weight and not lay down a proper plan. You may have to avoid some foods, events and people but all in all, it’s all for the best. You cannot plan to lose 50 pounds in one day or lose your belly fat in 1 day. It takes time. Hence, your plan should have levels where you proceed to the next after achieving one.

Second, seek social support. You need to get support from like-minded individuals and also surround yourself with people who would want you to succeed in your plan.

Third, embrace the use of technology. We are living in a digital world and it would be a travesty for anyone not to adopt technology in anything they do. There are a lot of smartphone apps that help in our day to day lives and would do a great deal to help you keep resolutions.

Lastly, do not fear failure. Failure is part of success. You should learn to manage your failure and turn them into success stories.

Here are some helpful new years resolutions lists

  • Getting fit
  • Quit Smoking
  • Lear new things
  • Healthier Diet
  • Avoiding unnecessary things
  • Travel more
  • Drink less
  • Spend more time with family and friends
  • Save money




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