New Gun for Hire Scam Modus

A certain Nicole uploaded on what purports to be a phone conversation between her and a ‘gun for hire’. Nicole received a call on November 2, 2016, at around 20:15.

A caller who claimed to be a gun for hire called Nicole to inform her about an alleged plot to kill her which he said, he sent 4 ‘gunmen’ to go after her but he ordered them to halt the plan after he was told by his ‘client’ to include Nicole’s family.

According to the caller, what made him decide to call Nicole was because he can’t kill her family since he himself has his own family. He said that he ordered his ‘gunmen’ to wait for his order.

At the end, the caller asked Nicole to send some cash at M. Lhuillier and to address it to a certain Christopher V Lumban.

Listen to the conversation of Nicole of the ‘gun for hire’

This is scary, especially if you are the type of person who will immediately fall on this modus/scam.

Kudos to Nicole for handling the situation calmly and uploading them on the internet to warn people on this what looks like a new gun for hire scam.

Nicole posted the name and phone number of her caller and we ended up with the below. Is the guy on Facebook with the same name and phone number is the actual person who called her.


A prank call or a new modus to scam people?

What are you going to do if you are Nicole?

I personally think that you can report this to PNP-ACG using their website [here]





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