Johnson Baby Powder Can Cause The Cause of Ovarian Cancer?

Can Johnson and Johnson’s baby powder really cause cancer?

Due to the death of Jacqueline Fox, a cancer patient, Johnson & Johnson faces a £50 million lawsuit to pay the family of the woman whose death is claimed to be associated with the talcum content of their baby powder.

When this new surface several customers of Johnson and Johnson have expressed their concerns about the safety of this product. The product’s history goes way back in 1893. But is there really a grain of truth to this allegation or is it simply just for show?

Weighing in the Evidence

Jacqueline Fox, the 62-year-old victim, had ovarian cancer. Reports say that her cancer was found to be linked to her regular use of the Johnson Baby Powder. According to her foster child, Marvin Salter, Fox used the powder for decades.

The complaint claims that the company was negligent of their customers’ safety because they only care about the sales of their products. Fox is not the only case for this legal battle as there are more than 1,000 and 200 cases filed in the court of Missouri and New Jersey.  The jurors favored the complainant making Johnson & Johnson liable for conspiracy, frauds and negligence.

Talc powder essentially contains silicon, oxygen, and magnesium. In some rare instances, some talc powder contains asbestos, a known substance that can cause lung cancer. This substance is known to cause severe inflammation that could result to the development of cancer.

Different opinions about the issue of Johnson Baby Powder

Cancer experts have a different opinion about the issue. Other experts brought into light the study done back in 1982 that tried to show the relationship between talc powder and ovarian cancer. In the study written by Dr. Daniel Cramer, talc exposure is seen to heighten the risk factors of a woman in developing ovarian cancer by 30 percent.

Some are quick to dismiss the claims saying that there is a lack of evidence for the link between talc powder and cancer. Several of them also emphasized that recent studies done to establish the link between the two are quite biased, because of the instances that the members of the sample population have a hard time recalling how much and how long they have used the product.

According to the claim, the Johnson Baby Powder played a part in triggering the ovarian cancer of the complainant. Some of these experts pointed out that in order for the talc powder to affect the ovaries, it has to pass through the vagina to induce inflammation.

Final Verdict: Is it safe?

It would be helpful to note that the Federal Law has required manufacturers to produce health and beauty products that are asbestos free to lessen health risks.  However if you have doubts about using the products, experts suggest that you can avoid using it. There are several cases piling up every year for this claim and until the safety of the product is assured, it would be understandable for customers to take precautionary measures.





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