Husband Cheats OFW Wife Working in Kuwait

One of the risks in working as an OFW is a broken relationship. A married or engaged OFW who finds love aboard with another OFW with family in the Philippines or your better half or spouse in the Philippines who will probably make your absence as an excuse to cheat or in this post, husband cheats OFW wife working in Kuwait.

It is an undeniable fact that having an extramarital relationship is becoming rampant amongst OFW’s. It has become rampant to the point that people think that this is normal.

Husband Cheats OFW Wife
Husband Cheats OFW Wife in Kuwait


The OFW is working in Kuwait as a household worker (domestic helper). Her husband is working in Manila and her mistress is from Zamboanga, who’s according to the OFW followed her husband in Manila.

An OFW in Kuwait posted a picture of her husband with his alleged mistress. Her post has been shared for more than 900 at the time of this article is published.

According to her post, her husband stopped giving financial support to their 3 kids in the Philippines and apparently her husband abandoned them because of her mistress.

Husband Cheats OFW Wife in KuwaitIn another post made by the same OFW, she said that her husband’s mistress has a family with kids.

This is very saddening and alarming, an extramarital relationship is becoming acceptable to the society that we no longer condemn such act.

Solving common relationship problem is supposed to be not as hard as how it was before. We have technology. The use of social media and VOIP could alleviate homesickness.

Time. There’s a saying that if you want it you will find ways. If you really want to get in touch with your family then you will find time.

Falling out of love. By any means use this as an excuse to your dishonesty. But you cannot use to this as an excuse to become a parent to your kids.




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