Costa Customer Poured Coffee from Large Cup and It Fit in the Regular Cup

Costa Coffee customer posted a video that went viral after he showed that the content from a large cup could fit in their regular cup. The video has been viewed more than 9 millions times.

Paul Hopkins, a builder from Surrey told BuzzFeed News about how he noticed a large cup of coffee that fit in a supposed to be thinner regular container cup with roughly the same amount of content.

In Hopkins post, he was ranting that he posted the video to the Facebook page of the brand on Friday and he claimed that it was removed after it reached 219,000 views, which a spokesperson from the company denied on deleting the video.

Costa defended the price difference of the regular and large cup which they said has 4oz extra. It also pointed out that there is a 2cm gap at the top of the cup for safety reason.

WOW !! Dear Costa, I posted this to your page & you deleted it!?? When it hit 219,000 views!!!!!!You were commenting on the wall etc.. you deleted it? Why??If there is nothing to hide? You don't delete other posts…. Is it because it got so many hits?

Posted by Paul Hopkinson on Saturday, March 26, 2016

The video showed that the large cup has an extra space at the top and the supposed to be a regular cup which almost overspill.

But some customers are still accusing the cup which is “designed to have a deceptive appearance” and claimed that people are being “visually duped” because of the visual height difference.

While others said that they didn’t mind paying for that extra money and were not bothered with the slight size difference.

Hopkinson said that that the company has already reached out to him, including the manager from Whitbread Group, who owns the brand.

Costa Coffee has also released a statement which said: “Costa can assure customers that when purchasing a large Costa Express drink you are receiving an extra shot of coffee and additional drink, compared to a regular size.”

“We never fill any size drink to the top of the cup in order to prevent our customers or baristas getting burnt.”




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