Carrot Man: The Handsome Igorot Farmer from Mountain Province

A handsome Igorot farmer who’s also now dubbed as ‘carrot man’ captured the hearts of netizen.

Positive Outlook Plus posted on its facebook page, a picture taken by Edwina Bandong of a young handsome farmer, while Edwina was on her travel at Bauko, Monamon Sur, Mountain Province to Sagada.

“Carrot Man” was identified as Jeyrick Sigmaton is now the newest internet sensation.

Picture of “Carrot man” is now viral, which at the time of this post has already been shared 16,978.

Netizens are mesmerized with this farmers look and is being compared with different celebrities locally and international.

He’s being compared from Hero Angeles, Korean actor, Lee Minho of Shinee to name a few

handsome carrot man
hero angeles

handsome carrot man

It’s no surprise that there’s a lot of good-looking well-built guys at Mountain Province. Remember Marky Ceilo, an Igorot artist of GMA network who sadly, passed away in 2008.

Positive Outlook Plus captioned their post as “Overly photogenic “Carrot Man” is breaking the social media viral scene. Edwina T. Bandong shared these photos on her Facebook profile. Based on her story, she saw this heartthrob while she was heading towards Sagada (Bauko, Monamon Sur Mountain Province.) Captivated, she took some shots for everyone to admire.

It’s not that far that media outlets will eventually pick this story and he will get an invitation from giant tv networks such as ABS-CBN and GMA. He might even get an offer, who knows.

Ellen DeGeneres might even invite him to her show, with the attention that he is getting right now.

Ellen DeGeneres is known for inviting individuals who gained popularity in social media “internet sensation”. The 7-year-old dancer Balang, Lucky Aces the Filipino dancer from Canada, Rhap Salazar,  Pinoy BBoy Anjelo “Lil Demon” Baligad to name a few.

H/T: Charlie Montemayor | Eljan

Source: SocialTrendsph

Photo: Edwina Bandong



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