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8.8 Million in their opening? I am going to watch you Brad Pitt!

I am quite grateful that Fury, the new World War II tank-set drama starring Brad Pitt, didn’t bomb this weekend at the box office, mostly so I didn’t have to resist the urge to headline the pieces this weekend something along the lines of “Brad Pitt Tanks.” As boring as it is when the new release lines right up with pre-release tracking, Fury is indeed on track to earn around $25 million for the weekend, which is about what was “predicted” going into the opening frame.

His biggest prior opening weekend was the $13 million debut of End of Watch, followed by the $12m debut of Street Kings and this year’s terrible $5m debut of Sabotage.

His biggest domestic grosser remains End of Watch, and Fury should pass that (much cheaper) film’s $41m total by next weekend.

The Relativity release, which cost just $26 million to produce, earned $4.14m last night, which should pave the way for an $11m weekend debut.

The film earned $135,602 on its first Friday, setting the stage for a $410k Fri-Sun frame and a scorching $95-$105k per-screen average depending on the final weekend figure.

Writer/director Justin Simien’s race-based comedy (and no, I’m not just saying that because it involves black people, it really is very much about race relations on an Ivy league campus) earned almost unanimously positive reviews (I had to miss the press screening due to family illness) and debuted on eleven screens from Roadside Attractions and earned around $125k yesterday, seting the stage for a $375k weekend and terrific $33k per-screen average.

In holdover news, Gone Girl earned $5.55 million on its third Friday, setting the stage for an over/under $18m weekend (-32%) and a terrific $107m domestic cume.

Universal’s (Comcast Corp.) Dracula Untold is going to drop a somewhat expected 65% from last weekend’s robust $23m debut weekend, having earned $2.9m last night (-65% from last Friday) and bringing its cume to $33.75m.

In one-weekend-wonder news, Meet the Mormons will likely drop around 71% on its second weekend, having earned around $290k yesterday for a probable $715k second weekend and (still not-unimpressive) $4.75m domestic cume.




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