Baby Abandoned at OSMAK ICU Needs Help

Baby abandoned at OSMAK ICU needs help, he needs milk, clothes, diaper and someone who can be there for him while netizens are searching for his parents.

Vina Vi posted 2 photos of a baby of which she says have been abandoned in pediatric ICU (PICU) at Ospital ng Makati (OSMAK) and she is pleading for help.

Baby Abandoned at OSMAK ICU Needs Help
Baby Abandoned at OSMAK ICU Needs Help

According to her post, this baby doesn’t have any clothes, diaper or milk. Baby’s medicines are from the kind hearted hospital staff.

She narrated that the baby boy was supposed to have been discharged from the ICU, but he has to stay in there since no one is going to take care of him.

The abandoned baby is said to be at bed 11 and is 3 months old.

Vina is calling for help from social service workers or those who has a golden heart who can extend their blessing to help this poor baby.

Vina’s post has already been shared 530 times as of this post was published.



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