Problems During Pregnancy That Most Couple Complained About

Pregnancy demands a lot from both the men and women. It is an adventure that is supposed to be faced by two people together. However, in some cases, there are some problems during pregnancy that couples who can’t avoid fighting amid this most challenging period of their relationship.

Here are 5 situations that are the usual causes of relationship problems during pregnancy whether you guys are married or not.

My partner is not supportive

Several pregnant women complain about their uninterested partners, most especially when it is their first pregnancy. This can be in terms of emotional support and financial support (for unmarried couples). In order to understand why your partner is so withdrawn from your pregnancy, you should know a bit more why he is not supportive. Is it because it was an unexpected pregnancy? Perhaps he’s not ready, or he’s afraid of giving up his independence (especially if you aren’t married). If not, then maybe there are other reasons that you ought to settle.

We didn’t expect to get pregnant

Couples, both married and unmarried couples often encounter unexpected baby bumps. This eventually becomes the root of several other issues. Because this can’t be solved at the time of your pregnancy, you just have to take note of this problem so you don’t repeat them all over. You know what they say, “Once is a mistake. Twice is a choice”.

We are having a few financial issues

Getting knocked up can be very expensive but it’s worth every penny spent once you have your baby in your arms. It can be quite tedious to keep up with the expenses most especially if you are running low on funds but take note that there’s always a way to solve your problems. There are plenty of ways to earn online and if you work together as a couple, you can see it through. It might not be an easy way out, but you will eventually manage.

We are on the verge of a divorce/break-up

As unfortunate as it may sound, there are some couples who break up in the middle of pregnancy. It is terribly heart breaking, but there are some things that are meant to end. The key to moving on with this problem is to pinpoint the cause of the divorce. Did you initiate it? What were the reasons why you had to go through this process? Once you have a full grasp of the situation, you need to muster up courage and move on or do necessary steps to keep your marriage intact. Talk to your partner, sit and listen to what you both have to say with each other.

Sex is pretty much non-existent because I am pregnant

Truth be told, you can still cuddle up and get heated even when you have a baby bump, it is all a matter of knowing when not to do it and finding the best position where you feel more comfortable. If your doctor or your midwife tells you that you can’t have sex then you ought to follow their recommendation, you can still do plenty of things without penetration right? If you aren’t warned for necessary precaution then you can still bring out your wild side with your hubby. You might also want to discuss with him/her the different problems during pregnancy that you might encounter in the future.




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