A 19-year old girl suffers swelling kidney, shares her experience to teach other to drink water

There is approximately 60-70% of our body that is made up of water, and our body needs it in order to perform its designed functions. Water helps a lot in removing wastes in our body so you need to make sure that you are drinking enough. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself ending up to the hospital bed missing one or two of your kidneys.

This is a case of a 19-year old Joana Krisha Dueñas, who has referred to herself as a ‘water hater’. She could barely intake two liters of water and most of the time, she favors drinking Fit ‘n Right and other sorts of juices.

Until one day, she had experienced pain in her lower back, which turns out to be the thing she most feared of.

She was immediately diagnosed to a hospital having hydronephrosis, or a swelling of a kidney that happens when the urine is not properly drained from the kidney to the bladder. She, of course, took several procedures to make it all right.

It was 10:00 PM and things got worse than she had expected. She became cold and despite having her eyes opened, she could hardly talk. It has been five minutes, and her sight and hearing shut down. She could only feel that her mother’s hands were clasped to hers.

All she did that time was to pray to give her a chance to live, and then suddenly, all things went back to normal. She had already heard conversations of the doctors and relatives around her. As the results were turned over, she found out that her body has been heavily dehydrated and ran out of oxygen.

The doctor has advised her to drink enough water or else she’ll end up again in the same situation. She was allowed to leave the hospital a day after.

Joana ended her post by reminding everyone to drink people before it’s too late.

Her Facebook post has reached over 88,000 reactions and 76,000 comments, mostly, side stories about the consequences of not drinking water. Some had mentioned their friends who are apparently those who failed to reach the desired amount of water intake in a day.

One netizen has shared a story of her brother, who had suffered kidney malfunction and became insulin dependent for 20 years. Accordingly, her brother has a bad lifestyle, smoking in successions and drinking alcohol. Despite undergoing a dialysis treatment, he died in 2016.

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